Hi there! I’m Carina and I like bears. And being creative. And music. And so much more! I’m in my twenties and live in Mannheim, Germany.

I started creating art as soon as I was able to hold a pencil – and I never really stopped since. When I was about 12 years old I started taking photos. I would borrow my parents’ digital camera and take photos of anything and everything I could find.In 2018 I first painted with watercolor. I love its soothing effect on me and the possibility to draw objects I can’t take photos of. It gives me so much more to explore.

Creating art means a lot to me. It calms my mind and enables me to communicate thoughts and emotions I can’t put in words. With my photographs I want to bring a bit of peace of silence in our lives. In 2018 I started experimenting with watercolor and I don’t know yet in which direction I want to go with it. Let’s find out together! 🙂