What are Artist Trading Cards?

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are miniature pieces of art that are traded around the world. They are 64 x 89mm in size (2,5 x 3,5″) and everyone can make and trade them! They can contain paintings or drawings, collages, textile art, poetry, photography – basically everything you can imagine. Every ATC has to be an original.


If you want to print out photos or digital art, you can not use them as Artist Trading Cards – you can use them as ACEO though. ACEO means Art Cards Editions and Originals. The only difference to Artist Trading Cards is: You can have multiple copies of them (e.g. printed digital art or photography) and you can sell them. ATCs are only traded.

The Rules

The only rules for ATCs are the size restrictions. They are as big as Magic The Gathering or Pokemon cards and shall not be larger or smaller than that.