Doodle of a waving bear with a big smile and realistic proportions.

Hey There! Welcome to Bearinas Art Space

A safe space for bears and magnificent people

This is where creativity truly feels at home. I’m Carina, and I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. Imagine this place as a cozy, warm retreat dedicated to the world of art. It’s a no-pressure zone – no sales pitches, just a relaxed space for you to explore and enjoy art in its purest form.

Around here, we celebrate the beauty of art in all its forms. Whether it’s the graceful dance of watercolors on paper or the timeless beauty captured in photographs, every piece has a story to tell. I invite you to take your time, wander around, and let the art speak to you.

Welcome to my special corner, where every brushstroke and every snapshot is a testament to the joy of creativity. Here’s to finding a little piece of art that speaks to your heart. Welcome to Bearinas Art Space! 🎨✨

Explore My Artful Corners

Curious to delve deeper into my artistic world? Come along as I guide you through the intricate tapestry of my creations. Wander through the natural and authentic moments captured in my photography—each frame telling a unique story, whether it’s the genuine spirit of people or the unfiltered beauty of nature. 

Immerse yourself in the diverse realm of illustration, from the captivating #100bears series to the artful world of artist trading cards, small creations meant to be traded and shared within the artistic community. No rush, take your time, and let’s explore these artful corners together.

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