Bears Zine

A self illustrated mini zine with a few facts about polar bears, spirit bears and black bears

Zine cover with white background. The text says "self-care & self-soothing" in pink and blue.
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(105 x 148 mm)


8 pages
(incl. cover & back)


One page zine
(printable on DIN A4)



A printed sheet with a hand-written self-care checklist titled "Everything is awful and I'm not okay," containing questions and suggestions for personal well-being. It's designed to be read and interacted with, offering prompts for basic self-care actions such as hydration, eating, resting, and moving, as well as emotional checks and comforts like listening to a favorite song or changing into comfortable clothes.

A Zine About Different Bear Species and Their Unique Traits

I’m really happy to share a mini zine I made a while back in January 2020β€”it focuses on bears! I explored the unique aspects of the spirit bear, the polar bear, and the black bear.

I illustrated each bear by hand with colored pencils and crafted the text in my own digital handwriting using ProCreate, putting it all together in Adobe InDesign. It’s not a long read, but it’s filled with some neat facts about these fascinating animals.

If you’re curious about bears or just want to check out some of my artwork, you can download the zine right here. I hope it brings a little joy and sparks some interest.

Zine Folding Instructions

Click here to download your free PDF guide on how to fold an 8-page mini zine from a single sheet of DIN A4 paper!

The image shows a set of visual instructions for folding a mini zine, laid out on a wooden surface. Surrounding the paper with the instructions are a pair of scissors, two pens, a mechanical pencil, a small potted cactus, and a cup of coffee with foam on top, suggesting a creative, DIY workspace. The instructions themselves include diagrams and text for each step, and the overall theme suggests a craft or hobbyist environment.

Flip through the zine

Explore my zine in this interactive flipbook format, created in 2020 to share interesting facts about different bear species and their distinctive features.

Sources, Credits & what I’ve used to create this zine

Shoutout to everyone whose work sparked a thought or two here. Most doodles and musings are by yours truly, with a dash of inspiration from stuff I’ve read or seen along the way.

What I've used to create this zine
  • Polychromos colored pencils
  • Watercolor pencils for cover illustration
  • ProCreate for text
  • Adobe InDesign for assembling
  • All illustrations in the zine are made by me
  • spirit bear photo: Β© David Hutchison/Wirestock – Adobe Stock
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