Wedge Antilles Zine

A zine about the Star Wars rebel pilot Wedge Antilles! Who is he, what did he do & what makes him so cool?

Zine cover with white background. The text says "self-care & self-soothing" in pink and blue.
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(105 x 148 mm)


8 pages
(incl. cover & back)


One page zine
(printable on DIN A4)



Wedge Antilles: The Unsung Hero of Star Wars

This zine, crafted as a Christmas gift in 2023, celebrates Wedge Antilles, one of the most beloved yet understated characters in the Star Wars saga. Known for his skill as a Rebel pilot and his survival against all odds, Wedge is a true icon of resilience and heroism in the face of the Empire’s tyranny. This zine delves into his most daring feats and explores why Wedge has earned his status as a badass in the expansive Star Wars universe, making it a perfect read for fans and newcomers alike who appreciate the saga’s lesser-sung heroes.

Zine Folding Instructions

Click here to download your free PDF guide on how to fold an 8-page mini zine from a single sheet of DIN A4 paper!

The image shows a set of visual instructions for folding a mini zine, laid out on a wooden surface. Surrounding the paper with the instructions are a pair of scissors, two pens, a mechanical pencil, a small potted cactus, and a cup of coffee with foam on top, suggesting a creative, DIY workspace. The instructions themselves include diagrams and text for each step, and the overall theme suggests a craft or hobbyist environment.

Flip through the zine

Discover the legendary exploits of Wedge Antilles in our interactive PDF flipbook. Whether you’re a longtime Star Wars fan or just getting to know the heroes of the Rebellion, this zine showcases why Wedge is celebrated as a badass pilot and unsung hero.

Sources, Credits & what I’ve used to create this zine

Shoutout to everyone whose work sparked a thought or two here. Most doodles and musings are by yours truly, with a dash of inspiration from stuff I’ve read or seen along the way.

What I've used to create this zine
  • Procreate
  • iPad Mockup: Β© Β ijeab – Adobe Stock